Concurrent Enrollment - Dates and Deadlines

Important Dates for Spring 2020


Last Day for pre-enrollment- January 15th 

This is the last day to apply online and pre-enroll in the classes you wish to get college credit for.


Last day to submit ACT/Accuplacer scores- January 15th  

ACT/Accuplacer tests must be done prior to pre-enrolling in the classes.


Payment due- Payment is due by March 31st  

If not paid by March 31st a Business Office hold is placed on a student's account due to an outstanding balance. This hold will essentially freeze the student's account preventing registration of additional classes, transcript requests, etc. All outstanding amounts due to the college must be paid before further registration is permitted. The holds are released when payment is received.


Year-long courses

For a course that spans the entire school year, such as a science course, half of the charge is due by each semester’s due date.


Last day to drop a class and receive a refund- January 28th 

After this date, you will no longer be eligible for a refund for classes starting in spring.


Last day to drop a class without receiving a refund-February 7th

This is the last day to drop a class, but no refund will be issued.


Withdrawals begin – February 10th

Withdrawals begin.  Students will no longer be able to “drop.”  Students will have a “W” on their transcript and will still owe tuition/fees.  A “W” does not impact GPA.


Last day for withdrawal- May 1st

After this date, students will receive the grade earned throughout the term and it will be the grade that will appear on their final transcript.